Welcome to YB6_DXC Digital Modes

YB6_DXC Digital Modes is a YB6_DXCommunity community with a special target on Digital mode on Amateur Radio communications.

The goal is to spur members to win awards, especially in the digital communication mode. With the development of this community we hope to create new qualified DXers especially in Digital mode as well as to introduce HAM to the world of digital mode.

YB6_DXC Digital Modes is open to anyone who wants to join this community, to jointly develop their DX interest in Digital mode.
As the terms and conditions for joining this community is a Radio Amateur who is actively licensed in the country that issued it, to join the YB6_DXC Digital Modes community is free of charge.

Each new member of YB6_DXC Digital Modes will receive a certificate as a member of the YB6_DXC Digital Modes, and have the right to claim awards in our future awards program.
We invite you to donate voluntarily.

Registration is free without conditions but required a licensed radio amateur.

New registration process

Submission required

√ Callsign

√ Full Name

√ Country

√ Email


√ Verification of submission

√ Print the certificate

√ Send a certificate

√ Save your certificate

Member rights

√ Members are entitled to follow our future programs for free.

√ Free Support online with Ticket System available.

√ Free claim award program

Please contact us if you have any questions

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